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5 Reasons Aura Should Be In Everyone’s Santa Sack

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Trying to come up with the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one? How about investing in their wellbeing and giving them the gift of a pause button for their pain?


What is a TENS machine? 

Aura by VUSH Wellness

VUSH’s newest wellness product, Aura, is a portable TENS machine designed for fast pain relief. Aura offers a natural and effective form of pain relief that makes getting on with your day-to-day life a little easier. 

How TENS machines work

A TENS machine, or a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device, is a battery-operated pain-relief unit that can be used pretty much anywhere on the body. From menstrual pain to a sore back, a TENS device can support various aches and pains.

TENS machines work by stimulating the nerves in the body via a controlled electrical current. This current runs through electrode gel pads that are applied to the skin directly on the painful area. This process tricks the pain receptors and sends messages to the brain to block pain signals. TENS machines basically feel like an off switch for pain.



5 reasons to gift an Aura this Christmas

Here are 5 reasons your friend, partner, or family member will love seeing Aura in their Santa sack:

1. Cute + portable design

Who knew healthcare could be cute? Aura is designed to make you feel good when wearing it with its fun, purple look. Aura’s single patch design makes it perfect to use on the go — no cords and subtle enough to hide under clothes. Unlike other TENS machines, Aura has no messy cables or inconvenient straps. The slim, compact design and silent settings make it easy to wear out without drawing any unnecessary attention to yourself. Whether you’re going on a first date or simply heading to the supermarket to run those errands you’ve been putting off, you can be sure Aura won’t get in the way 

2. Personalisable settings

Did you know Aura has 6 different modes and 20 intensity levels per mode? No need to worry about the ins and outs of your loved one’s health and symptoms, Aura can be personalised to each individual and condition. The various settings allow people to choose a mode that is targeted to their exact needs at the time. With modes that range from tapping, acupuncture, and cupping, to tai-chi, kneading, and gua sha, Aura does it all. Simply use the (+) or (-) button on the front of the device to adjust the intensity level. Read more about Aura’s personalisable settings now.

3. Natural pain relief

Aura may just be the natural alternative your loved one has been looking for. If you know someone who is hoping to reduce the amount of time and money spent popping painkillers or refilling scripts for prescription meds, Aura is a safe bet. With no side effects, Aura blocks pain messages to the brain naturally and encourages the flow of endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers and mood boosters. A TENS machine is the perfect natural alternative for relieving pain and reducing the need for medication. 

4. Value for money

Aura is good value for the purchaser (keep an eye out for a 50% off sale), and even better value for your loved one who will be able to spend less money on meds, fancy teas, and expensive herbs. A TENS device will last years, so while it may seem like an investment, it’s for a lifetime of reduced pain. If you’re buying a TENS machine for someone with period pain or a cycle-based health condition, the price of Aura equates to just over $7 per period over a 3 year timeline. Plus, Aura comes in cute purple packaging making it extremely gift-worthy.

5. Wellbeing investment

Give your loved one the gift of being able to get on with their life confidently and pain-free. One of the best ways to support someone who is struggling with their health or chronic pain, aside from checking in and listening to their lived experience, is helping with costs. From updating prescription medication to cycling through a team of healthcare providers, managing a chronic illness is never cheap. Make your loved one’s life a little easier by investing in their wellbeing and gifting them an Aura this Christmas.

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